Week 6-17 thru 24- 2012

The flowers are glowing. All he needs to do to this one is detail the gladiolas, finish the roses, and add the top leaves and stems. This picture is almost ready to move to the for sale page.

Woman by the Water is still in the blocking in stage. Josh is picking elements and figuring out where things will go. No detail work yet. Woman by the Water has a hold placed on it. Someone is watching this one develop and will get first chance at buying it. I love when the painting talks to a person and a connection is made.

This painting has a name. Mystic Rider. And it has a home. Josh needs to add some highlights and then this painting can go home.

For several weeks, Josh hasn’t worked on the lilacs. We were waiting. There was a missing element and since I didn’t know what that element was, and Josh can’t talk, we waited. Last night a neighbor came over to sit with Josh so I could go for supper. Sue has an art degree and while she was looking at the lilacs, she saw a face in among the leaves. Josh went on point so I knew she had hit on what he was wanting. A bit of magic is going to be added to the Lilacs.

This painting is also promised and, when finished, has a home to go to. I hope the new owner will like the addition of the garden sprite.

That’s it this week from the studio of Josh E.

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