Work in Progress

red/yellow/red gold base coat

Under this page I want to share my works in progress and the process I go through to paint them.

I’m new to acrylic painting. My training and technique has been in watercolor. So painting with acrylics is a new adventure. I love the vibrant colors of the pigment.

For Christmas 2011, I was given the DVD and book by Terrence Lun Tse. His artwork is ethereal and lovely with soft transitions of color. I especially love that he paints with sponges.

Because of my disability, I don’t have control of my hands. On another page I’ll discuss the trials and tribulations of painting when I don’t have control of my fine motor skills. For this picture, using sponges creates an energy in me that explodes. It seems to bypass the reflexes that plague me and allows me to put total focus on the canvas.

I chose red gold, naples yellow, and napthol red light for the base coat. It’s full of energy and light. I will share this journey with you as it develops.

The finished product. It goes through many changes from beginning to end.

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