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I think I’ve figured out how to put video on the website. I try to explain how Josh progresses but pictures are worth a thousand words.

I went back to March 2012 and found this short video of Josh exercising with the ball between his knees. When Abby first started using the ball between the knees, Josh was so tight in the legs that getting the ball in place was an accomplishment in itself.

But even more of a challenge for Josh is controlling his leg movements. Even as an infant, I noticed that Josh didn’t seem to know where his hands and feet are without first locating them visually. When he would want to play with the mobile hanging above him in the crib, I would watch him and first, he’d turn his head to locate his hand before ever attempting to reach toward the mobile.

I see a repeat of that when doing some of the exercises that Abby gives him. Josh has only been working with Abby since March. So this video that I’m posting is very early in his exercise journey. I’m posting it as a before record.

March 29, 2012

One week later

If this post is successful, I will be posting more videos. And I promise to be more careful in how and what I video. Enjoy.

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