Tobii Update week #2

Josh had a good session with the speech therapist. She was impressed with how much work he had done the week before. I explained to her that we needed a program that was more appropriate for an adult.

She set him up on a different program. Josh shook his head ‘no’. He’d spent all week learning the first one. He wasn’t wanting to start new again. But the new program has email, printing, and editing buttons that I know are on his goals list. I told him to give the new program the same practice he did the old one and then he could make an educated choice.

Karen, the therapist, solved the problem by linking everything together so Josh can practice the new one but still go back into his comfort zone when necessary.

I noticed yesterday, when Josh was on his own time, he was taking more time before hitting a phrase. He was still moving through the different boxes but it wasn’t in a wild frenzy. From my vantage point it sounded like he was gaining control and taking more time.

He wakes up looking for the Tobii. I told him it won’t be long before he has it with him all the time. Its even set up so it can be by his bed when he’s lying down or by the recliner if he’s out of his wheelchair. I love the versatility of the machine.

I’m not so thrilled with the tech service. We have questions, and needs, and we’re not getting as much help setting things up as I could wish for. I don’t know if we don’t have the right contact numbers, or if somehow, we’ve slipped through the cracks.

Josh wants connected to the printer. I’ve plugged it into his Tobii and I’ve followed all the instructions but I can’t seem to make the Tobii connect with the printer. It says it needs troubleshooting but when I look to see what’s wrong, I simply can’t figure it out.

I also haven’t figured out how to use email. I did get him online but I can’t figure out how he composes the emails or sends them. Again, having tech help us getting everything set up here at home would be a blessing.

We don’t see the therapist this week. She’s not in the office. We’ll keep practicing and next time we see her we’ll have a list of things that need addressed. Eventually, the bugs will be worked out. Right now, we’re working around them.

About JoshE

Joshua Englehaupt was born on April 3, 1980. Birth trauma left him with Cerebral Palsy. He is non-verbal and non-ambulatory but he is filled with a wonderful spirit. He has a passion for art. Join him in his journey of discovery.
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