Autumn is in the air

I’m not sure what a period is actually called but when Joshua clicked on it the tobii (Joshua’s eye-gaze communication system)  said something that sounded like: do wop. He was in google hangouts with his Aunt Kathy. She gives him an hour a day Monday through Friday. She’s a licensed teacher.

He uses his iPad for the face-to-face connection and he talks to her with his tobii. So, he’s supposed to give her an answer but he hits the period. and it goes do wop. then he hits it again so it goes- do wop do wop.

Kathy starts laughing and singing do wop do wop as if she was a back up singer. Joshua starts laughing and do wopping some more.

I’m watching and getting so tickled because I saw my son using his tobii to tease, and communicate. I’m beginning to see him comfortable enough with the system to begin using as if it was his ‘real’ voice. Its a beautiful thing to see.

On the Artist side, Joshua has started a new painting.


When he chose red and yellow as his base coat I had a tiny panic attack. Its my rule that I let Joshua make all the decisions on his own artwork but I truly thought he’d lost his mind.

A few days later, I’m sitting in the recliner, he always has his paintings out where he can look at them, and I said, “Joshua, that looks like the colors of autumn.” He just about jumped out of his chair and I realized he had a plan. He knew all along what he wanted to paint. He wants to create an Autumn landscape.

We spent some time looking for photo references. As always, I’m curious about his choices. What he chooses helps me figure out what his vision is. As this painting develops he will share the progress. I hope you stop by every week to see the updates.

About JoshE

Joshua Englehaupt was born on April 3, 1980. Birth trauma left him with Cerebral Palsy. He is non-verbal and non-ambulatory but he is filled with a wonderful spirit. He has a passion for art. Join him in his journey of discovery.
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