Year of the Change

This year our lives change. In more ways than one. OurHome Studio has changed locations. We are no longer based in Illinois. We have moved back to my home state of Kansas.

We will still have our art studio and so much more. We’re adding a workshop onto the studio. DIY has convinced me that I can learn to use power tools. Yes, I am worried about keeping all my fingers and I’m wondering how shocked the local technical school would be to add a ‘by then’ 70 year old to their student list.

The websites are getting dusted off and updated because life is about to become crazy busy. I can’t wait to share all the changes coming into our lives. Both mine, and Joshua’s.

I’m still planning on launching a cartoon strip. And Joshua still wants to write picture books. I’ve been putting a lot of time in on learning how to illustrate. Last year wasn’t wasted. I put in hours and hours of drawing and painting. The studio is ready to begin producing on a bigger, and better, level than ever.

Joshua wants to paint again. Finally. He wants to write and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be finding a way to begin working out again. He’s surrounded now by more cousins than we can count so he’s finally going to have a social life. I am both excited for him, and fearful. I know this is a good thing but for me to back off and let him live life as a grown man is gong to be hard. Its an adventure and I will be journaling the trials and tribulations of a caregiver who has to set her charge free. My writing, both articles and fiction, are available at my writing site at:

Our artwork is available at: and links are also available here and on the writing website.

I’m going to be spending a lot more time on our websites. Check in often to see what is new.

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